Monday, December 11, 2017

New House and Other Recent Happenings

It has been party time in the streets a lot around here.
Lots of people cooking.

And preparing meat.

The kids played really wel together this weekend.
Here Nate is being the "mother eagle" trying to protect his chicks.

Grocery finds

Trying to find things ofr the new house can be challenging.
Here I asked for single plain color curtains that were very simple,
and they only had two options (brown and brown) to choose from.
Dining room


Here is the living room in the new house.

Here is the guest room.
(Wallpaper is already removed)


Abigail likes the view.

Living room is looking better already with now that it is painted.
Abigail helping pack and clapping for herself

Making Christmas cookies


  1. Wow, the new place really does look great. I know it'll take a while to get everything feeling good and comfortable. The meat preparation picture is crazy.

  2. (this is Ben, by the way)