Monday, June 4, 2018

Last Week In Pictures

Aaron just finished his math book!

"Just need to stretch first!"

"Now do some exercise!"

Stencil art

List of things Alexander wants when he is a man.
I assume it is random order since pasta spoon, feather, and kids precede wife.

Cleaning up the first floor to move our English business

A sink in a bathroom, what a concept!

Probably our last English session at this location

Playing word unscrambling games

Abigail likes the pink and purple ones of course

Pop quiz:
If Mrs. Piggle Wiggle gave you one of these what would it be?
Obedience pill?

Friendly chess math

Getting our new sign finally

Petting the "woofy"

Pink ball

Abigail wants to play feed the kitty/mouse game

Playing Forbidden Dessert

We made it out!

Playing Rummikub

Riding Daddy

Science Experiment:
Which material will conduct heat and melt the butter the fastest?

Butter knife one

Then metal straw

Then wood chopstick
Plastic chopstick got licked clean by Alexander when it came in last place.

Wemen Toilet

That time you caught your son goofing off reading a mathbook....
proves Life  of Fred is no ordinary math series.

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