Sunday, June 17, 2018

Last Week In Pictures

Abigail's fashion sense:
All the hearts and rainbows,
and this is her attempt at putting on her own earrings and hair jewelry.

Helping mommy

Alexander declared this is Abigail's General outfit. Yes, sir ma'am!

In mommy's shoes

Goodies and games

Alexander's giant chalk drawing

Alexander's book about himself

Andrew practicing hard

We've been talking about crazy 3D Tetris levels we play in real life.
There are a few in our kitchen.
Here is fridge Tetris.
(Fridge Tetris here also require us to know what might last
outside the fridge for a few days, so we can space out our shopping
trips to once a week.)

Crazy oven Tetris,
requires that you know how long things take to bake.

Like how these muffins will finish before the tall loaf of bread
 will rise high enough to stick to the bottom of the top pan.

Mmmm Tetris

Daddy's girl

English session

Popsicles or die!

We've had a lot of rain recently

Making things for Father's day

"Mom! I'm ready to fight!"

Playdough fun

Snack and read aloud time

Hooray for Superdad!

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