Monday, September 10, 2018

Pictures From 2 Weeks Ago

A friend gave us some chicken

Manly Andrew ate a foot

"I the king!"

Kings seem to be always grumpy or something

"I like these earrings mommy!"

Just watching for woofies

"It's OK Thomas. Everyone love you. You'll feel better in the morning."

Bacon pizza!

Big boys songs sounding much better with the new keyboard

Good form

Cool moon

Cool skies

Cool trees

"I'm doing my jobs!"

English kids working hard on beginning sounds game

Kids have been combining games to make new ones

Low-tech "Civilization"

"Chocolate! How wonderful!"

Poetry tea time

new read aloud

Sanitaby Gloves

Reading fort

The kids loved the Ivanhoe movie so much they begged to watch it
a second time before our rental expired.

You don't have to share your yogurt. She's already had a whole one of her own.

Aaron says, "I know, but she's just a little too cute."

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