Monday, September 10, 2018

Last Week in Pictures

Alphabet Soup lives on!

A cool thing about having more kids is watching the younger ones
still use something you made for your oldest ten years ago.

Getting Andrew to time how long it takes him to do assignments helped
him see where he needed to moves things along.
Actually, we had all three boys do a time log for a while and it is done now.
One more needed to move quicker, one generally slower, and one just not get distracted in between tasks.

Friends brought over their new big bow and let our little guys have a chance to try it.

Big Brainz is back

Math facts prepare to be conquered

One on one time with the big boy

Playing the game right and trying hard

One on one time with the littlest

Just having fun recognizing all the colors and numbers,
finding matches when we can.

Dancing like Jimu

Domino towers

English Kids

Getting ready and up pops my mini me!
"Comb my hair too, mama!
I want to change clothes too!"

Our kids have been wishing to go back to America and
have exotic experience like going to Blackberry Farm
and eating toast fresh from the toaster.

So when Nate had the day off for Labor Day we decided to try to
do some fun things right here.

And so we decided to try Happy Happy Burger
which serves chicken not burgers...

And we tried to order 6 large fries,
but we ordered then out and only got 5.

The kids still loved it though.

The kids also used extra free time that day to make all kids of
paper toys.

And we took the kids to a fun playplace

It's so great that all the kids can still have fun here.

Only place we know of in town with swings

So it is kind of like a magical unicorn of a place

"Oh I just love you, you're my best friend."

Abigail makes best friends easily.

Playing outside another day

Science Experiment: Liquids and Viscosity

"I want a science snack too!"

Starting to feel like fall

So we recently read about an unexpected party

And then we kind of had one.
Well we got 24 hours notice.
And we packed all of this seating.

The English Party went pretty well though.

Next day we helped the kids build a fort with the chairs before we had to take the rest down.

Watching Grandma read books

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