Saturday, September 22, 2018

Peter the First

Aaron helping make pizza

Abigail naming her letters while building.
And asking over and over,
"How do you spell lantern?"

Alexander writing a new novel

A friend brought us duck eggs that were really good

Magic machine

"I'm an Impecatory Chicken!"

Funny things happen here during our nightly family readings

Lunch playtime

Didn't know you liked hugging so much Aaron
"Well I do when it is a contest!"

Reading the Hobbit by salt lamp light is fun

Science Experiment

Freezing and shrinking a balloon

Silly Selfies

Really must be growing

Abigail walking in Daddy's boots

The boys caught a toad this past week

We kept him in the bathtub for the afternoon

They named him Peter I

Proving mommy is not scared of the toad

Actually, held him more than any kid.
Andrew wants a toad when he grows up and
he wants to name him Peter II.

Getting ready for Alexander's birthday.
This week we stamped wrapping paper.

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