Saturday, December 15, 2018

December Catchup

Here are some photos from the beginning of December, after we got back from our trip, to catch up the rest of the way.

Grandpa displaying the wonders of spray cheese

We are supposed to help a kindergartner learn these English lines for a play.

Andrew's new hobby: reading science books.

I guess these were actually from the end of November when we decorated the tree.

Christmas crafts

Abigail was singing her own version of an all Christmas songs mashup


Before moving here I never once thought about adjust baking temps or times based on room temperature.

Reading Lego magazines. Thanks grandparents!

Strong Daddy

Time to get out more pencils when this is all that can be located

"Let's arm-wrestle!"

Let's cuddle/Mommy is a magnet

Alexander helping make guacamole.
We found avocados (called alligator pears here) recently and
guacamole was really good after not having it for over two years.


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