Monday, December 3, 2018

Quick Trip

We just got back from a quick trip south to the island for a dear friend's wedding. I know our family wants to see these pictures, so here they are. I'll try to catch up with other pictures soon.

Had to leave home when it was still dark.

Alexander said he met R2 D2 at the airport

Some good friends were on the same flight and they treated us to a snack before takeoff.
The kids loved their sandwiches.
Hooray for jelly and cheese! Alexander really liked it!

First time we've flown since Abigail needs her own seat.
We now take up an entire row on this plane.

When you haven't had a burger in over two years, these are pretty amazing.

At the seaside. Alexander loved finding shells.

Kids first time to see the ocean in person.

Abigail loved "jumping" over the waves.

Attempting to get everyone together for a group picture
herding cats at in the ocean.

The kids had so much fun!


We weren't really sure what was happening when, so we didn't have the kids change first.
Which was kind of a mistake, because they got really wet and sandy and
we had to change them afterwards.

So then they ended up wearing their swimsuits around for the rest of the day.

View from the hotel.

Food and fun

The bride challenging our three boys to a race up the street to the restaurant,
and part of why they love her so much.

Abigail really liked the watermelon juice.

Coconut milk soup with purple sweet potatoes

This is chicken poop plant soup. And it kind of tastes like it.

The kids loved this dog so much.

Getting ready

Hotel wedding

The brother and sister-in-law's dog attended in style.

Turtle soup

Playing in the afternoon

Hometown reception

Second hotel

Creative coffee stirrer

Going to breakfast

Going for a hike

Rubber trees

Lots of steps


Getting ready to head home

It is always so good to get home

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