Saturday, December 15, 2018

November Catchup

Here are some pictures from the end of November to catch you up a little bit on things we did at home.

Andrew's History Drawing

Animal dress up
Abigail's version

Animal dress up
Alexander's version

Budda's Hand Citron

English Kids

Getting ready for the wedding

We had such great weather in November

Shelling peas

Trying out the brand new KFC IN TOWN!
We scared them.

It was packed!

Aaron building a tank


Memory work

Alexander's friends drawing

Coconut is such a great food, but also a lot of work.

Corn, cabbage, pumpkin, and mushroom cookies.
The US has candy corn, why not?

This kid happily watching hours and hours of chess from the world chess championship.
"I don't think it is fair to decide the #1 rated classical chess player based on tiebreaks that are fast chess."

Alexander's map

Science Experiment: Making "Orange Soda"

This was our Thanksgiving dinner.
Friends brought the "pork nuggets."

Thanksgiving breakfast

If you have a doughnut once or twice a year you might as well make it a
one. And pronounce all three syllables because you are so excited.

A few of these eggs are from black bone chickens.
Their shells are different but everything else is the same.

Decorating our tree

English kids

"I am the fighting king."
And the only girl amongst three brothers clearly.

Making friends

This inspired Andrew to extra language study.

Such great weather in November!

Sam's Christmas show transcript

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