Friday, November 8, 2019

Last Week in Pictures

Abigail playing

Been playing a lot of Quiddler lately

Conquering heros

I've been pretty amazed at some of the foods that we've been able to get recently.
Bell pepper and avocados are two thing we never used to be able to get.

Kids helped me make a fall treat:
Cheesecake stuffed baked caramel apples


Geography project:
My Home in the World

Andrew traced around the province, but everything else he drew free hand!

Abigail's world is so funny,
"OK, so I start with drawing my clothes..."

Grassy hill fun

Reading these books aloud right now.
They always make me want to make things from scratch and fix all the broken things.
The amount of care they take with their belongings and making things beautiful always
impresses me.

Science experiment:
Potential and kinetic energy

Also, how many points can I get?

Also amazing to get tilapia and Parmesan cheese.
And it is still cool that our peas are alive enough to sprout before I
got around to cooking them.

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