Friday, November 1, 2019

Recent Pictures

Alexander taking pictures of Abigail for the Eleanor's Adventures book
that he and his brothers are writing

Last time at Walmart the kids saw these mussels and wanted to try the,

They were pre-cooked and frozen

We steamed them well

Then added them to a rice dish inspired by paella.
We all thought they were OK, but liked tuna and tilapia better.
Surprisingly, Abigail ate the most.

We had some nice days during the week and got outside a lot.

Pumpkin soup and bacon flavored quiche

Abigail built a flower castle outside

Abigail likes to read this part of Go, Dog! Go. with voices.

Aaron took this video so you could experience it

Alexander built a town out of rocks he colored

Alexanderville completed

Andrew Quirkling

For a fall treat we made pumpkin donuts together.
The kids helped cut out the circles too but no pictures because we were all sticky.

Making chocolate glaze

Adding sprinkles

Playing more ping-pong again

For fun

And to observe mechanical motion after reading our science book

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