Saturday, November 16, 2019

Recent Pictures

Abigail likes to watch hairstyle videos with little girls getting new dos and then trying one out.

Fall fun

Fall chalk drawings

Pink lady apple by Abigail

Porcelain doll pumpkin by Abigail
(But probably even if there were no real pink pumpkins she would make hers pink)

Our wall is ready for fall

This is a girl getting a new hairstyle by Abigail

Fall snack on repeat here that combines apples, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds

Got out old toys for a science experiement

Demonstrating energy cannot be created or destroyed,
but kids can become more excited if they haven't seen toys for a while.

Grassy hill

Kitchen helpers wrapping cheese

Kids helped me make a pumpkin cheesecake this week

Tomatoes growing in our greenhouse

TUNA SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAN I LICK THE CAN???????????????????

Otherwise known as how to make my kids ridiculously happy at lunchtime

So we finally found paper towels available online.
We asked Alexander if he knew what this was...
"Big toilet paper?"
Since they use toilet paper instead of paper towels and napkins,
I think his guess was as good as anyone else around here would have had.

New installment of Eleanor's Adventures

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