Saturday, March 14, 2020

(Almost) in Full Swing of Spring

With warmer weather and less illness, things are getting back to normal, or not normal.
This is the neighbors spring cleaning??? What are/were those?

Recycling dump in full swing day and night again.
Probably catching up for lost time.

The kids made a new game at the grassy hill.
This one is called "Skiing"

"It's much faster than my normal running, " says Andrew.

Abigail made pipe cleaner bracelets and necklaces for herself and her dolls

Reading Audrey Bunny to Queen Celeste
(She can read almost all of the words on her own now!)

Sound practice

Changing the first letter to make a new word

Big brother helping

Fri, Mar 13, 3:44 PM (2 days ago)
Dear Grandparents,
We haven't been able to get to Walmart yet, but we've been able to order fruit and vegetables, so that was nice. Luoping seems to be getting back to normal again. The canola is getting ready to harvest. The weather is getting warmer, and St. Patrick's day is getting closer.
Happy St. Patrick's day!
Love, Aaron.

Alexander Letter

Andrew letter

Also, our neighbors decided to jackhammer holes in the side of their building all day and into the night.

Apparently, they are making windows.

Probably someday they will add glass.

Boys Duolingo tests

We've seen just a couple of tourists in the city this week,
but the canola is almost all done blooming now.

Also, changes are coming to our city.
They started tearing down all the billboards.

Family Game Night:
Struggle for Catan

A friend brought us really good bao zi.

Geography experiment:
Water cycle

It is nice that the "rain" doesn't taste like salt water from the "ocean"

New Game: Dashball

Kind of like catch, except you can never stop running.

Our weather is getting warmer and I took the kids out bike riding

Doing a knife skills cooking class together

Also, taught all the kids the proper way to crack an egg
(i.e not to put the inside on the counter and the shell in the bowl).

Best Abigail quote of the week,

“Mom, when I am going to get married?
It’s been a long time already!”

Another new game during our morning time:
Proverbs Picturing (Charades)

Add caption

Science experiment:
Mechanical advantage of a ramp that goes around a screw

Science experiment:
Mechanical advantage of a wedge

A.K.A. punching lots of holes in cardboard

A.K.A. Alexander's favorite science experiment all year.

Sunny Picnic!

Chaulk pastel art lesson

Tree houses!
(by Aaron)

Probably can guess this one is by Abigail

By Alexander

By Andrew

Typing lessons

Our walking lunch. We took our smoothies out for a walk in the sun.
Also, only about 1/3 to 1/2 of people we see out are wearing masks now.
This group was interesting though, because 1/2 of the twins aren't wearing a mask.

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