Saturday, March 28, 2020

Last Week in Pictures

Abigail chess

Abigail's painting

"Here Mom! Hold this until Mother's Day!"
says Abigail.

Fri, Mar 27, 4:23 PM (22 hours ago)
Dear Grandparents,
The weather has been getting better, but it still rains in the nighttime sometimes. We went on another picnic to the Grassy Hill this week. There were big bushes with tiny white flowers blooming all over the place there, making there look like there were big traces of white paint all over the place. It was really pretty. We had fun. Only a few weeks till Easter!

Alexander teaching Abigail how to joust.
"Stop you recreant Knight!" says Alexander.

Chalk art lesson


Boys new game Domino Death

Somehow boys make even dominoes violent by knocking down each other's towers.

City builders

Computer skills

Cooked the last of the thanksgiving pumpkins

Fixing up the concrete around the windows they just jack-hammered out

Ordered some fruit online this week.
The strawberries came individually wrapped.

Geography Project:
Layers of the Earth

"Mom, why did you put cucumbers on the shelf?"

No, Abigail. Those aren't cucumbers. They are the greenest bananas I have ever seen.

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