Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pink Princess Party

Abigail turns 4!
Thanks to everyone who helped make her day so special.
She had a great birthday.
(We also did a lot more for her birthday than we usually
do for birthdays this year. We reused a lot of things we already had,
 but we wanted to make it especially memorable.
The boys all pitched in and did a ton of nice things for their sister.)

Some of the pictures are out of order.

Getting ready

I drew and the kids did most of the coloring.

Aaron assembled a pink puzzle castle for the table.

The boys also made a life size "board" game on our first floor called Rainbow race.

The lighting isn't good on that floor, but the boys did a great job.

We also set up a "Princess Tea Party Tent" in the greenhouse

Early morning 

Lunch was Pinkaroni and Cheese
(hard to tell in this picture how pink it was)

Treasure hunt after dinner

Lighting is bad again

It ended with finding a clothing rack with new dress up clothes.

Are you playing with your new dress up doll?
"No, I'm just organizing her."

Yea, I think you just took your mom and grandmom's organizing tendencies to the next level.

Waking up

Can't decide where to look first

Andrew helping make the pink sauce for the Pinkaroni and Cheese

He also made the cake part of the cake with just mom looking on and then putting it in the oven.

Even one of her candles dress up like a princess

Abigail wanted pink pancakes for dinner.
Alexander is practicing flipping.

More organizing of birthday presents happening the next day.
Also, she calls this her closet.
Poor girl desperately want to hang up her clothes in a closet.

Abigail's Pretty Baby doll got dressed up as a princess to surprise her

We used up all of the pink and purple balloons that we had left from our English business.
They took a very long time to pump up.

This princess dress was from the Great Grandmas.

"Pinatas" with candy jewelry in them

Swimming in the ballons

Playing Rainbow Race

Thanks boys for making the path go under the short table...

Abigail won!

Tea party time

Sharing chocolates with her royal sujbects

Her doll Ada got dressed up as a princess too.


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