Saturday, March 22, 2014

Green Week

While Mommy was at class Aaron wanted to be sneaky and
fill up her Easter basket with homemade chocolate cookies,
so he got Daddy to help him make them.

Baby can build big towers now.

Clover field

Green pancakes

Green hats

Green treats

Irish dinner

Lime pie, made with American Jello (Thanks Grandpa Jeff!)

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Aaron got 71 right in a row in under 3 secs in division this week!

By Aaron

Baby likes to read

He keeps stealing the phonics book out of the storage cube
where it is supposed to be put away for now.

Easter book illustration activity, working against members of your house.

Now try that again together

Green week is a good time for slime science!

Green pudding slime snack


Slime by Andrew ( He got tired and sloppy in the middle so we let him stop writing for the day)

Mixing up some slime

Playing with Oobleck

Going to get slimed

Baby liked oobleck (cornstarch plus water, totally okay for baby play, he didn't get to play with the other kinds in case he would try to eat them).

Messy though

We also tried to make a bouncy ball, but it didn't bounce very well.

Slime treats (jello)

Planting a resurrection garden

Presidents by Andrew

Aaron is Pilgrim slaying Apolyon, baby is taking the opportunity to get Apolyon's tummy

by Andrew

by Aaron

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