Friday, March 7, 2014

Playing Catch Up: Last Week

Aaron is getting good at looking after Alexander

Aaron loves to "plant and weed" the grassy hill

He is so looking forward to helping in the grandparents gardens this summer. I don't think the grandparents have ever had such an eager helper.

Alexander can ride in the back now

He likes to watch videos now

Andrew got to go to the grocery store with just Daddy

ANd he was a big helper

Andrew is soooo good at tracing and writing already


Beautiful yellow

Andrew finishing up his 6 Flags reading challenge, and Aaron cheering him on to victory!

Mr. Frumpy ice cream

Wow, it has been almost 3 years since Aaron named these funny ice cream bars and how he has grown.

Painting. Don't worry, Alexander only gets to paint with water in case he dumps it.

Aaron love to tie knots in everything, even spaghetti.

Funerals are a big deal here.

Andrew loves chopsticks, even for spaghetti.

Starting presidents ntoebooks

Starting 50 states notebooks

This big boy has no problems running on the grassy hill now.

Walking sock monkey

What are we reading Alexander? "BI-ba!"

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