Saturday, March 15, 2014

This Week

Baby tackling Andrew

While mommy was at class, Aaron made a secret treasure hunt with love notes.

Aaron roasted the sunflower seeds all by himself. ( Only had supervision using the oven)

Aaron washing potatoes

Baby wants to be involved in everything

Andrew helping to make cookies

Andrew helping to make mini pies

Andrew practicing sewing diaper wipes

Not bad for 4 years old!

Andrew peeling carrots

Baby figured out how to wash his hands all by himself

Baby loves getting treats from his Easter basket

Alexander likes videos

Boys practicing cutting fabric with a pattern

Andrew cut these

Aaron cut these

Making clover garlands

By Andrew


Footprint clover

Gogi berry cookies

By Aaron

By Andrew

Big boys can handle folding diapers without any help

Making Irish potato candy

Playing baseball


Boys making up their own robot turtle games

3 in 1 clover

Boys watching Curious George via Skype

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a terrific week! You boys will be ready for High School soon!:-)