Saturday, January 24, 2015

Growing Up

We all got haircuts and 5 haircuts + 5 baths in one day=
extra popcorn for dinner and movie night
The kids didn't mind that at all

Aaron made a 3 salad dinner all by himself  except mommy made the mayonnaise)

Aaron reading on his tablet

Aaron lost his first tooth!

Alexander learned how to set the table all by himself

Andrew is the "king of battle"

We finished the lastest "Rush" book and started reading the Hobbit,
and Andrew love, love, loves it!
He was reading a little bit to Alexander here and
he has been pretending to be a hobbit all the time

Alexander got to go to the grocery store with daddy alone for the first time
this week and he was really good!

4 building boys

Made this big shelf this week 6x3x1.5ft, storage area starting to come along


Eating at a fast food chicken restaurant, dino chicken nuggets

play place

Aaron made the salads again, Alexander set the table,
and Andrew dried the dishes afterwards.
They're becoming really useful engines (I mean boys)!


Word of the week (how's Grandpa Jeff doing on learning them?)

Presidential trivia, did you know?


Alexander's "school" (because he "needs work like brothers")
Took out the trash and the grandma nearby gave them cabbage

Finally found an adult size broom here and of course Alexander wants to use that one.

Hanging up laundry sitting on a ball

Making tortillas

"Look, I made it!"

Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear have become so popular with the
renewed piano practice that Alexander takes them and
makes of stories about them making music too.
"Here is the Lincoln Log music!"

The everyday, nightly reading/treat time

Waiting for daddy outside the pharmacy
(After Nate came out the guy behind him bought 1 bandaid, put it on, and left,
we knew they sell bandaids individually,
but this was the first time we actually saw someone buy one)

Sometimes you just need to be a little creative....

To find some alone time...

Or peace and quiet in our house...

But it is bursting with love

And we wouldn't trade it for anything

Lots of love and hugs to you all!

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