Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year!

We were looking at options for our friends to stay at and this
is the hotel next door to us.

Not too bad at all.

Friendly grandma in the tile shop downstairs giving the boys a snack of "baba"

Our friends came over to play!

Out to dinner

Andrew scrubbing the floor

Alexander "drilling" like daddy

Alexander made a "birthday cake" and is blowing out the "candles"

Boys cleaning up the shelve backs

Boys reading rediscovered books


Aaron gave mommy clean the floor artifacts

Cutting new shelves with new jigsaw

New bookshelves! They hold lots of stuff!

Certain grandparents bought so many toys and a certain daddy
bought so many stocking treats that we got a
new steamer pan, bowls, and spoons for free.
They work well for jiao zi.

New year toasts

New Year goal setting and ice cream floats

New Year's Eve veggie tray

New Year's Eve present, a family memory game

Alexander practiced just getting the names right, daddy and Uncle Ben
were/are confused frequently, even with the names written on them.

Aaron started making family logic puzzles, who would go with whom

Putting the bookshelves together

Safety first

Sleeping like a baby


Snuggly watching a movie

Trying a new restaurant

We tried fried bananas for the first time.

Aaron gave an extra kisses on holidays like New Year's artifact for Christmas

Hanging up laundry before


Making cookies

Making donuts

Mozart mouse inspires Andrew to practice

Watching little engine that could

New laundry bars

Installing new laundry bars



Word of the week Andrew and Aaron



Science Aaron (he thought the answers should
be on the back so you all could guess before you saw the answers :)

Word of the week Aaron and Andrew

President trivia! Do you know the answer?

Science Andrew


  1. Wow, look at those book shelves! Nice work!

    Aaron and Andrew - you guys are getting great at writing. And it looks like you are learning lots of things. I didn't know that Warren G. Harding had the largest feet of any American President. That's pretty cool.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the snow and are staying warm now!

  2. Wow! So many great pictures! Nathan, you are getting so good at making things!