Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff!

We all hope you have a fabulous day!
Nate, Anna, Aaron, Andrew, and Alexander

The boys worked very hard to make you special things so your special birthday could be extra special.
(And they want you to know that!)

This is a grandpa cheetah bear.
By Andrew
Cheetah bears are a reptile that lays eggs. See their beautiful shiny fur?
They can run super fast. They are never given to sillyness, in fact they run fast from sillyness.
They bathe every time they hear a joke.
They can fly in their fast cars. They can glow in the dark like a lightning bug,
 so they use their paws for flashlights and nightlights in the dark.
They sleep in sleeping bag nests and hibernate deeply.

(And now it is time for a certain non-grandpa very young cheetah bear to go to his nest.)

Those are plant fireworks that you see exploding there.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff! Love, Alexander

(He actually worked a long time on this and kept saying/singing
Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff over and over, but he didn't want to use any other colors this time,
and no one else could write any words on it for him either.)

Andrew and Grandpa Jeff shooting off fireworks. Andrew is holding the birthday cake.
Daddy is throwing confetti.

No birthday is complete without games, so Aaron made you a maze.

Maze instructions

Aaron's drawing of your house and pond. And symbols for all four seasons.

Andrew made you a birthday book about measuring. He'll tell you the story.

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