Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Week

Awesome! (with no heater on)

Aaron peeled and cut (with a butter knife, which actually takes considerable force,
 so I was pretty impressed) this whole bag of carrots all by himself.

Baby school

Big boy school

Clever little fellow

Building lego pyramids. Mom helped Alexander build one
and then he added a birthday candle.

Lego pyramids: mommy's, Aaron's, and Andrew's.
Andrew switched to the bigger blocks and thought his deserved the award for biggest.

Look what I made mom!

Take a picture of me!

Piano dollars

Pyramids virtual field trip. Aaron taking pictures of Daddy's pictures and videos.

Reading Cards Our Family!

Special delivery with the remote control car

Tea party

The Everyday
Usually I am obviously taking pictures of the most special things in the week.
I've been trying to take pictures here and there of the extremely
ordinary too to remember these days more fully later..
This week I thought I'd take pictures of an totally regular,
 normal, almost boring food day (well at least this is normal for us, here and now).
I thought some of you might like seeing the pictures too.

So this is a boy's breakfast

And this is mom's breakfast.

Lunch: red beans, rice, and broccoli

Snack: options here are usually just fruit or peanuts

Dinner: scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and corn on the cob

Treats: pumpkin bread, or if the boys have candy in their treat can they have
 the option of choosing one piece of candy instead of a homemade treat.

The Everyday:
Two loads of laundry hanging on the (new, hooray!) laundry bars

The knight of battle.
(Also almost a daily occurrence, but he is very special.)


  1. I love seeing the special in the ordinary! Looking forward to more!

  2. I love seeing all the regular every day stuff that you posted. I think sometimes it's really nice to think about those things. And it's cool for us over here to see them just to have a better idea of your every day life :-)