Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Few Pictures from this Week

Boys building a "snow fort" after reading a book about one

"Mommy can you color with me?"

Creative boys
(I really love how they can enjoy videos and electronics,
 but then all on their own they can also come up
with all kinds of creative ideas, things to make, games to play, imaginary worlds
to act out, etc.)

Here they are making bracelet to identify themselves for something in one of their games.

Also thanks to Grandma Mary for the scratch and sniff stickers,
the boys had never seen/smelled those before and thought they were the coolest thing.

The Everyday-
This is what the house looks like after a particularly "creative" day though.

Yeah for fresh homemade lemonade!

This was Aaron's other birthday present from me.
LOTR Action figures

Boys building the Hobbit Lego game

We've also been working at the school quite a bit.
Here is Andrew sanding junk off the wall.

Here Andrew is trying to help us sweep.
This reminds me very much of when I was a girl and my parents were building their house.
We wanted to help and they gave us the job of "sweeping the basement."
Even if I did ever get a pile of dust together , my younger brother would run or sweep
right through it. Same thing with different kids.
Brings back fond memories though.

Also we bought a bunch of plywood and started building furniture.
This is a storage bench.

Here are four stools for students to sit on.

We've spent a lot of time scraping junk off the floors.

We were able to completely paint the playroom for the boys
and mostly paint the office with paint we already had.
Not sure that we want to sink a lot more money into this building at this point, so we're
probably about done with painting for now.

Third boy to love using Thomas flashcards!
"Can you play cards with me mommy?"

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