Friday, June 5, 2015

This Week (With Friends!)

Aaron is getting so good at laundry.
He can hang up and stack diaper wipes as neatly as mommy now!

Alexander likes to exercise with his mommy.

Andrew building robots with his Bot Builder cards.

Andrew reading to Alexander.
This right here is reason enough to teach your kids how to read early.

We had friends come to visit this week!
Our guests arrive. Boys giving them cards they made.
The boys were SO EXCITED to have our friends visit.
Aaron cleaned and organized all the toys and dishes.
Andrew picked our all handsome clothes.
And they both took baths willingly and used so much soap the bathtub looked like liquid soap
And all three stayed up late making cards and presents for the girls..
Taking pictures

Andrew using friends as a chair.

Our friends liked playing dominoes.

Alexander looking at ducklings.

Andrew Gandolf

Stopping at picnic rock

They boys loved walking with our friends.
Alexander usually wanted to hold two girls hands at once.

Andrew was grumpy when our guests left.
So later he wanted to send them hugs and kisses.
This is a picture hug.

Andrew sending Shelly picture kisses.

Have hoof will travel

If we ever have a lot of kids, this is how we could store them...

Alexander made a bed and slept here for quite a long nap.

A certain grandpa inciting bad behavior form around the world

Blindfolded chess Aaron vs. Andrew

Undie Hat

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