Friday, June 12, 2015

This Week

"Coffee" with mom

Alexander is so proud of his coloring

And he keeps asking mommy to color with him which is cute

Some of Alexander's creations this week

Playing "chess" with Alexander.
Want to come to my house today?
Kiss, kiss queen!"

Boys all exercising together

Iced tez party lunch

Making homemade tortillas

Aaron and Andrew made giant ones

Mighty warriors

Reading Cards!

Sparta attacking Athens by Aaron

Sparta attacking Athens by Andrew

The Story of the Ocean boat the boys "built"

The Story of the Ocean by Aaron and Andrew

The tent that Aaron built

Told the older two boys this week how movement and exercising raises your heart rate...

So they spent a lot of time taking their heart rate with an app on their tablet
and then running and jumping around to see how much they could raise it.

We made a play kitchen out of cardboard boxes

Portrait of the three brothers by Aaron

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