Saturday, August 20, 2016

Last Week in Pictures

Dangerous Quest
By Alexander Rugg

A blustery wind blew the trap door of the tree open.
 The whale went down in the trap door and got stuck.
 Then the blustery wind blew the door shut.
 The enemies couldn't get in.
 The enemies were on top of the trap door.
 The blustery wind blew the trap door open.
 The enemies fell into the trap with the whale.
 The good whale ate the bad enemies.
 Mack the blue dog pushed the whale out of the trap door.
 The whale and Mack saved the day.
 Then they went back home.
 They loved each other.
 The End.

Aaron and Andrew History
Map of India under the Gupta Dynasty

Aaron and Andrew Science
Scavenger hunt throughout the house for levers.
Piano keys have lever joints

Door hinges are lever joints

Our sink faucet has a handle that is like an ellipsoid (or condyloid) joint,
like those found in the wrist and hand-to-fingers.

Aaron can crack walnuts!
He cracked a whole bag of them for us.
We made chocolate covered walnuts and chocolate walnut brownies.

He also made applesauce almost completely by himself this week.

He enlisted Alexander to help a little.

It was quite good chunky cinnamon applesauce.
We ate it with fried potatoes and cheese slices for dinner one night.


Smiling at daddy

Photogenic baby

Look mom, I set the table like Grandma Mary!

Alexander has been working really hard at reading to earn lots of tablet time.

New Story Series by Andrew
The Ancient Times of Zwang (Rhymes with sang)

Watching chess commentary

"Grandpa John, why don't I have a name sign?
Could you make one for me, please?"

So when we came back,
younger brothers grew into bigger brothers clothes...

and jobs!

"I like spoons. They are one of my favorite things!"

"Daddy, I want chess jobs for little guys!"

{One night at dinner Alexander just started putting on a puppet show
with his fork and spoon.}

Introducing Paboline and Maboline!

Paboline (the fork) is a bad guy. He wants to eat the good guys potatoes.
Maboline (the spoon) is a good guy.

Paboline and Maboline fight.
Maboline wins!
(The good guys always win!)

Loving these good, cheap, healthy foods we can get right now and this quote,
"Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Love that they can all play stuffed animals still.

Boys reading up a storm.
Aaron finished the whole Little House series.
Andrew On the Banks of Plum Creek,
here he is reading part of it out loud to Alexander,
who really wants to read the books by himself.

Aaron decided that wearing the walnut net bag on his head was a good idea.

Story time

Sweety sleeping

Aaron thought it funny that we got a banana smaller than his thumb
this week and he took a picture of it to show you.

Thanks so much for the Parmesan Cheese Grandpa John and Grandma Sharla!

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