Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Week

Aaron history

Aaron science

Aaron worked really hard to get 14 chess tactics right in a row

Aaron's apple thing

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Abigail baby doll

A lot of veggies for less than 7 dollars.
However, one of these kinds of greens was extremely spicy and made the worst smoothie ever.

Alexander is beating McGuffey now.

Dear Grandparents,
Aaron has to go potty. And Andrew might have to go potty.
I made a green and purple surprise (not in the potty).
I've been doing a good job with Reading Cards and McGuffey. Also,
I read the special stories now. I love all of them. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny is one
of my favorites. I would like to see Uncle Ben as a bunny.
I like playing Reader Rabbit Kindergarten.
P.S. I'm going to the little shop with mommy now.

Alexander's map

Andrew finished the last of the Narnia books this week.

He still reads in strange places.

Andrew history

Andrew loves the funny math books Life as Fred.

“The question is not, How much does the youth know?
 when he has finished his education, but How much does he care?” 
-Charlotte Mason

Andrew love to take care of Abigail.

Andrew's map for Uncle Caleb

Couch Fortress

Daddy's little girl

Dancing with a robot

Hanging out with daddy

Mommy doing a mommy-baby exercise video.

Still too hard of course.
But this boy wants to read this book, soooooooooooooo much.

Playing with Bot Builder cards

Aaron built a robot to help Grandpa Jeff rebuild the garage.

Mommy built a pizza making robot

Reading Archives of Anthropos

Aaron's been watching a lot of chess programs

Had more water outages this week, but thankful our water filter
(on the right of the cabinet) helped us keep drinking water in the house easier.

Watermelon banana smoothie.
So much better than the terrible spicy mustard one!

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