Saturday, August 13, 2016

Last Week

Aaron History (Soldier Mosaic)

Aaron made a silly mask and then wore it to play chess

Aaron Science (Types of Bones)

Aaron solved 41 Chess Solitaire puzzles last week

I love mommy

Mint Princess

"Seriously Mommy, more headbands and pictures!"

"I just want to wiggle!"

"Oh Daddy, you want me to smile for the camera?"

"Well OK, I'll smile for Daddy."

Pink flower princess


"I like to eat my toes."

Alexander built a tent.

Alexander "History" (Chess board mosaic for Daddy)

We drew monsters for Grandpa Jeff.
Mommy drew the monsters on the left and Alexander drew the monster on the right.
"His name is Poppa. He pops like popcorn!"

"But Grandpa Jeff these are my monster pajamas!"

"Are you teasing me?"

"Because these pajamas are mine!"

We ordered some groceries from Amazon CN.
(Clearly we like fat.)

Andrew History
The Emperor Justinian Mosaic and the "Andrewian Code."
(Andrewian Code= Andrew's rules if he were emperor)

Also map of "Andropolis"

Last assignment is the first Life of Fred math books was
to make a math comic.
This is a dog eating the #100.

Andrew Science
Types of Bones

Bedtime reading

Chess Lesson
Alexander wanted to show Coach Sam the mosaic chess board he made Daddy.

Sorry I didn't get this posted earlier, but Happy Anniversary to all the happy couples this week!
Love, Andrew

Love, Aaron

Love, Alexander
(This is a cake with lots of candles!)

Also, Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!

Love,  Andrew

Made real peanut butter in the blender this week!

PB smoothie unibrow

Sleepy baby stays still for a minute

Dedicated to Grandpa Jeff
(Part 3 of 3, Last of the Space Wars Trilogy)

Also last but certainly not least, we bought a vehicle this week.
Andrew might be the most excited.

And here a 3 wheel electric scooter in a box thing can be a family vehicle.
This is just for scooting around town and mainly for groceries,
but all six of us can get in!

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