Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pictures of Last Week

Aaron still wakes up and then collapses on the couch

Abigail loves kisses

Abigail loved by AUNTIE
Thanks again for all the clothes Aunt Nicole, Uncle Ben and cousin Rylinn!

"Hey mommy! This skirt tastes scratchy! Not as tasty as my other skirts!!!"

Alexander is getting sooo much better at reading now that we've been able
to more consistently work with him.
But he is discouraged that he can't read the LOTR  and other big books yet,
so Alexander and mommy made a book he could read all the words in
really easily.

Andrew made seasoned pumpkin seeds

Arm and Tomahawk
Yep, we're back on the other side of the world.

We got giant grapes recently.

Grandma Mary reading Roverandom

"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

"Take a picture of her foot mom!"

Aaron and Andrew History
Legend of Sinbad

Littles watching Walker and Ping pIng

Math Art
Triangle Cat
By Aaron

Math Art
Triangle Dog
By Alexander (with help)

Math Art
Triangle Volcano
By Andrew

Andrew Math
Life of Fred Butterflies
Fred with 7 orthogonal/perpendicular hairs on his head.
And pairs of numbers adding to 7.

She is a wiggler.

Power outage fun.
Pop rocks!
Although Alexander is sort of unsure if he likes this "spicy" candy.

Aaron spent much of his time during the power outage making a paper chess set.
(Not exactly sure why, since we have a lot of chess sets, but still an industrious activity.)
And then he and daddy tried it out.

They played until it got really dark.
(The long exposure here doesn't show how dark it really was.)

We read a bunch of paper books when it was light out.
But after dark we used tablets and glowsticks.

And of course the boys had to have a "light saber" battle.

Thanks to Great Grandma Rugg for the big package of glow sticks!


Science fun

Studying the musculotskeletal system and how you can train it to improve.

You were supposed to try they exercises/experiments over the course of several days
to see how you could improve.

Standing on one foot.
Abigail always does, because she can only reach with one.


Aaron science

Alexander science

Andrew science

She can scoot!

But mostly backwards...

And then she doesn't know how to get out.

We had a bit of a family adventure having our accountants help us order
food from KM, but it worked and was only 30kuai for delivery!

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