Saturday, October 1, 2016

Castles, Senses, Big Cheese, Tortilla Flashbacks, and Other Tales

Starting to get up to castles in history.
Here is Aaron's cardboard castle.

Aaron drew a castle

Alexander can read most of Go, Dog. Go!

He can read these pages (and many others) all by himself!
He is so happy and proud of himself!

Andrew getting his big tooth in

Baby can make a funny snorty face and sound

Duplo chess and serious thinking faces

Enjoying new rug

Glow in the dark water music experiment

Sound conducting through string experiment

Making a fruit castle

Nate and the big cheese.
He didn't eat all 4kg of Parmesan but wanted to.

For Choose Your Own Adeventure School the
boys make knight and dragon puppets and a puppet show.

Pop rock experiments

We could hear the different between different shaped glasses,
but not different colors pop rocks.

Aaron science

Alexander "science"
"Mom, here's my eyeball!"

Andrew science

Fooling your brain experiment:
Seeing a hole in your hand

Seeing sound vibrate rice and sugar 
Smelling experiments

Telephone sound experiment

 Here is some flashback fun.
Made tortillas for the first time in a long time and when looking up the recipe
saw these pictures from 2011 again.
Look how little Andrew was!

And little Aaron!
And our little family of four ate at one little table!

Five years later

And Aaron is super good at rolling thin tortillas

And there is a tiny pink baby to hold while flipping!

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