Saturday, October 22, 2016

Painting, Letters, Knex Robots, and Other Tales

Alexander made a game called Throw-quet,
where he throw this ball using the pvc pipe.

Andrew made a map of the "12 seas"

Aaron, Andrew, and Alexander's castle paintings.
Alexander's has a battle going on.

Wearing baby and cleaning

Hello Lovely

Boys made knex robots.
Alexander made "Teasingme."

Andrew made "Squarendome."

"Are you teasing me Grandpa Jeff?"

Whole family of robots including parents and grandparents.

For science this week the boys planned and made a healthy meal.

They all worked together to make a great salad bar.

Aaron even cracked the walnuts.
The only thing they didn't do was cut the carrots with a sharp knife.


But she is definitely saying mama and dad-dad too.
She'll scoot right up to us calling out the correct name.

Watching big brother

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