Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Few Pictures From Last Week

Gold to move and checkmate in one

Aaron science

Alexander drew a picture for his cousins.
This is Pompa in boots.

Alexander also made Duplo robots for his 3 cousins.

Andrew science


Moving stuff around to work better in the apartment.
This a bookshelf we built over at our other building and now we moved it here.
Also, moving a bookshelf up 4 flights of stairs is not very easy.

Love that the temperature is still great in mid-October.

Moved stuff around for the new oven too.

Nightly reading

Aaron's playdough model of the digestive system.

And here is Andrew's model.
I love how big he made the mouth.

Tooth snack

1 comment:

  1. Those Duplo robots look awesome! It's really cool that you made them for all your cousins, Alexander.

    I hope you keep learning more chess strategies, Aaron. And I hope you keep learning new things and drawing more pictures, Andrew!