Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Aunt Liz!

Happy Birthday Aunt Liz!
I think I need cake.
I wish I could give you new undies for your birthday.
I have new planet undies, Saturn is my favorite.

Birthday Maze By Andrew.
Watch out for the shooting bullets, shooting fire, falling rocks,
and the dragon.
If you succeed you'll have a party at the castle.
Happy Birthday!

This is a secret message on a flower card.

This is the other side of the secret message.
Happy Birthday!

Birthday maze from Aaron
Don't step on a bug, don't step on railroads, you need keys to open doors,
but you can swim across streams.

Instructions for maze
Sorry this is a little late. But we all hope you had a very happy birthday!!!
Nate, Anna, Aaron, Andrew, Alexander, and Abigail

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  1. Thank you everyone! I love my birthday drawings!! I will make sure to not step on any bugs in the maze! -Aunt Liz