Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby Food, Rubick's Cube, Jiao Zi, and Other Tales

Abigail loves baby oranges

And strawberries
Also her she is saying her 5th word No-No "Nose"

I have a nose!

Mmm, back to strawberries

Watching baby sign video I made for Andrew
and apparently edited in my sleep, because I don't actually remember finishing it.
But there it is in all its imperfectness and Abigail likes it. :)

Alexander mad e a Get Well Card for Kinley
Hope you're feeling better!

Moving some things around to make the house work better again.
First up, Alexander's new bed!
There, now we moved his name signs too.
He is very pleased with his own little space.

She keeps trying to dive in the hamper, so I put her in for just a minute.

But she really seemed to like it, so it may have back fired.

Handsome boys after fresh haircuts

Video art class drawings from this week

Here are Andrew's

She got herself into a tight space, and I wasn't sure she could get herself out.

But she did it!

Nate and the boys spent some time watching tutorials and figuring out
how to solve the 3x3 Rubicks Cube this week.

Also the accountants invited us over for jiao zi.

Here we are helping to put it together

Andrew really got into it and helped to make a lot.

I got to learn how to fold the ingot shaped ones.

We made lots and lots of jiao zi

This was the first time Abigail got to eat a strawberry

In the corner there was a pot of chicken soup if you wanted something to drink.

Andrew adapting to local table manners.
Also, you feel a lot better about your kids table manners when
a beautiful young woman spits a large wad of jiao zi filling
3-4 feet into the garbage below.

All the accounts wanted to take their pictures with the boys.
Aaron is now minimally obliging without any prodding.
This is the first time Andrew was very cooperative with picture taking.
But by the end, he was really getting into it and doing all kinds of poses for them.
You never can tell with an Andrew.

They all wanted to hold Abigail too,
but she seems like she is getting stranger anxiety a little.

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