Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last Pictures from 2016

Aaron history: Spanish Armada
We finished our history book before the end of the year!

Abigail cupcake

First Christmas eating cookies

Alexander drew our family as farmers and animals

Alexander history: Mikmaq wigwam

Andrew history game: English ships vs Spanish Armada

Andrew history: Macbeth getting killed by warriors wearing trees

Andrew's programming present using Tynker


Christmas breakfast

Christmas Eve

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa

Everyone reading their Chess books from Grandparents

We ordered some pastas online and it came in gift packaging

Opening presents from brothers
Aaron gave halberds

Andrew gave yo-yos

Andrew too busy programming his text based game to open his stocking

Rubick's cube from stocking

Presents for daddy

Aaron made a handkerchief


Watching Muppet Christmas Carol

New Year's Eve

Waiting for midnight

Watching all the home videos from this year

What a great year!
Thankful for all of you who shared it with us!


  1. Those super hero capes are amazing! We can't wait to talk to you guys soon. - Uncle Ben

  2. Fantastic! love all the pictures! Happy 2017 to everyone!