Saturday, January 14, 2017

Banter Blitz, Math, Baby Can Stand, and Other Tales

3 Boys reading magazines 3 ways

Andrew got 50 :) on xtra math

Boys reviewing a video they made

Aaron finished 2 second addition

Abigail loves to pull herself up on everything and stand

Here she was just so happy to have crawled off and pulled herself up I had to take a picture.

She did it again

Trilling and purring for daddy

Alexander drew Noah's ark

Alexander handwriting

Andrew drew Noah's ark too

Boys making a banter blitz chess video

Flood in a jar

Next day

2 days later

Boys all drew explorers trying to find a Northwest passage through the New World
to India
This was Alexander's



Recycled textiles make cute diapers and wipes

Our sign going up!

Joyful English has a sign!!!

Aaron optimizing snack time

Alexander science drawing of creation



Shape animal drawings

Playing Tynker

This is a test

We love our Berkey water filter

Boys writing projects

Aaron loves chess

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  1. Wow, the baby can stand! Go Abigail! And also, wow, you guys have a sign! That's so cool. - Ben