Saturday, January 21, 2017

Monkey See, Monkey Do, and Other Tales

Aaron art

Aaron history

Aaron writing

Flashback fun: monkey boys

She figured out how to push her cart across the floor and walk behind it

Alexander "writing"

Alexander art

Alexander history

"This is Bob and this is Larry."
Alexander has taken to naming his vitamins and fish oil.

Andrew art

Andrew history

"When I get bigger and compose a song. I'm going to invent the staccato rest."

Andrew writing

Handwriting for mom

Alexander adding to an old one

Mom and Alexander drawing together:

New Reading Cards added this week!
This is Feelings, featuring Alexander.

A.K.A "Alexander Funny Faces"

Updated this stack to include the latest.
Alexander gets it confused sometimes and calls him "Donald Duck."

Abigail seeing Abigail


Dangers of icebergs

"The Big Cheese!"
It just fit in our fridge.

"The Keeping Abigail Out of the the Kitchen and Other Places Club"


  1. Wow! Love the pictures! Especially everyone's artwork. And Andrew's idea for staccato rests!

    1. Andrew says, "Thanks! I'm going to make a staccato rest by drawing a rest with a dot under it." :)
      "I love you!"