Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Welcome 2020

Abigail learning handwriting

Countryside waterfall

Great weather!

New year new haircuts

Horses on the road

Kerball space program

Daddy reading with Abigail

One of the things we got the boys was rubber band gun kits

Nate helped them all build them

In use!

Battle of the elastic six-shooters

Alexander and Andrew have big dreams,
but they did successfully design a logo for those dreams already.

Abigail's first french braids


At the grassy hill

Mmm... Parmesan guacamole cheeseburgers made with Australian beef

Weird dark clouds and sunshine simultaneously

Abigail coloring the family of pink snowman

She wants you to see this mommy snowman has five snowman babies.
Abigail likes counting.

Making all the letters pink

Tea party

Getting back to school in the new year.
Queen Celeste is supervising.

Playing Dragon Race.

Outside in the good weather again!

I played catch with Aaron using the blue football he was carrying above.
But I couldn't get a picture at the same time.

Another day I got to take just the youngest two out.

Abigail is kind of bossy.

But they still had fun together.

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