Tuesday, January 14, 2020

December Fun

Aaron still trying to read all of the new books

Abigail and her balloon

Goodies and games

Paper doll Abigail

All the uses...

Nativity drawing by Andrew

Chocolate chunk cookies

Making holiday glitter slime

Playing out back

Great weather!


Sewing while mom is sewing

Recording our Christmas pageant

What the other half of the room looked like while filming the Christmas pageant

Alexander's first green guy

Andrew learning how to edit a Christmas pageant in Blender

Toys we got ended up being not quite "real"

City skyline

Playing guitars
(For Nate's Christmas presents we got replacement slippers and a guitar
that isn't amazing, but hasn't exploded from too much humidity.)
Alexander likes to play guitar like his dad.

Real city skyline during fog

Talking to grandparents

Riding her bike
(She is starting to be able to pedal on a smooth surface)

Making a 3D spaceship

Here it is colorized

Inside is very detailed
(This is the pilot room)

(This is the engine room)
And of course the kitchen (not pictured) is the biggest room!

Bubbles out back

Bubbles at the grassy hill

Sword fighting with bubbles of course

Fun night

Jenga like game

It was a hit!


Shared meal

Other friends had given us frozen croissants
which we had on New Year's Eve.

They made tasty little sandwiches!

Photos from the last batch of Christmas cookies

Mom's Christmas presents
(Yes, there is a theme there.)

New Year's Eve
Keeping our tradition of playing games and watching movies
until fireworks at midnight.

This game was a new one of Alexander's called
"Too Many Monkeys!"
It was fun and seemed appropriate.

End of 2019!

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