Sunday, January 12, 2020


We hit 66 by dinner time Christmas Day without a heater running.
It was like a present from above.

Christmas Breakfast

Alexander had just lost one of his front teeth

First thing in the morning--blurry and excited!

Me putting together Alexander's tank from his stocking

Christmas stocking stuff

Can hardly wait

But we did read our book first and finish the top of the advent calander



Somehow Nate got drafted to build the dollhouse and I got the tank

Grandparent presents!
Thank you!

Blown up living room and talking to the grandparents

Abigail loves Queen Celeste

And her bunnies!

Presents from the kids to us

They gave us tickets to an I Love Lucy play they performed in the afternoon
as well as
the next installment of Eleanor's Adventures

We have such fun kids

Siblings giving each other presents

Again--really neat and very generous kiddos!

Christmas dinner:
Mostaccioli with Australian beef
Spinach salad with cranberries and almonds

Sweetest Christmas tree

Video games from Uncle and Aunt!

They all love them!

Also, Abigail's first time to get into a computer game ever!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our Christmas very special!

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