Saturday, January 18, 2020

School Stuff

A sampling of things the kids have been working on in school the last few months.
And a catch-up of kids' letters.

Aaron's geography postcards

Abigail's recent pink handwriting

Alexander's geography postcards

Andrew drawings

Andrew's geography postcards
(most creative and with an ongoing story line)

Boys  most recent language test

Boys most recent geography test

Boys most recent math test

Andrew's most recent hand drawings
and toe writings

Alexander's older history drawing of the lunar lander
Aaron's most recent letter (now typing practice)

Jan 17, 2020
Dear Grandparents,
It's been foggy and cloudy in the mornings, but it gets sunnier in the evenings. There are lots of fireworks lately. When we went for a picnic on the Grassy Hill, we heard lots of fireworks almost all the time. Some canola flowers are starting to spring up. Spring is coming up soon.
Happy New Year!
Love, Aaron.

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