Saturday, October 12, 2019

Grandparents Visit Part 2 (Hike, Shopping, Building, Painting)

Perhaps the most adventurous thing we did during the visit was to take a hike up to
what the boys call the old fort.

We start out on a little path

Pass a pig farm
(Abigail was not impressed with the smell)

And then up, up, up

Into the forest

We had a picnic up there

It is part natural rock formations like the Stone Forest
and part man-made wall from a while ago

Boys like to climb trees and scare Grandma

The "path" was so overgrown in parts that I don't think we
would have ever found it if Nate and the boys hadn't been that
way before.

Abigail stopping to pick pink flowers

Always her favorite part

The scenery around here is really beautiful

We took a girls shopping trip.
Nate graciously drove us around on our one estrogen fest.

Pea snacks anyone?

Settling up at the 2 kuai store

Grandpa John helped Andrew put together his very complicated (很复杂, hěn fùzá) wooden dragon.

Andrew got the dragon riding knight put together.

This complicated project took several days with glue drying in between to complete.

All together and ready for paint.
I don't think this one would ever have gotten put together without Grandpa.

Grandma brought some other wooden things for the kids to paint

Everyone painting and listening to the Knight's Castle.
The kids thought this book was so funny, and they liked having the
characters from Ivanhoe show up in another book.

Completed painting projects.
These are Aaron's. He put a lot more work into them than I expected.
He mixed the colors for the brown and orange
and added a Jonah into the great fish.

This is Andrew's red and black shell

Alexander's green guys

Abigail's pinky/purpley butterflies

And of course Andrew's main project the red and black dragon with rider

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