Saturday, October 26, 2019

Recent Pictures and Piano Pieces

Crabs at Walmart

Abigail handwriting

Abigail loving the nail buffer

I made Alexander another birthday cake,
because I didn't think some of our guests
would like boston cream pie.

Sparkler candle

Andrew discussing pizza rows and columns and applying
them to computer programming.

Flying ball

Just when you think the fridge can't get any crazier...
I call this fridge tetris: how many bananas (that I'm trying to save for smoothies), can you spot?

I love jobs that keep the littlest ones buys, but that they can also provide real help with the housework.

Abigail folding our handkerchiefs

Processing pumpkins

Pumpkin pancakes
Here are videos of the kids playing piano after
a couple of weeks of lessons with a real piano teacher.

Even Abigail started learning Mary Had a Little Lamb

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