Saturday, October 12, 2019

Grandparents Visit Part 1 (Arrival, Games, Chocolate Factory Party, etc.)

We are all so thankful that the grandparents were able to visit for the last to weeks. We have thousands of pictures from trying to cram all of the fun and visiting of a whole year into 15 days, but now that the grandparents are safely back home, I'll share some highlights here.

So I'm seeing a bunch of pictures of #allthefallfeels around the internet.
Here are the fall feels of around here.
Our trees don't really turn colors much, but our streets do with people drying all manner of food.
Here you can see lots of golden corn and some ruby chili peppers drying on the street
and sidewalk across from our house.
Yes, this does make it more difficult to drive.
No, they don't really see that as a problem.

Grandpa and a lot of luggage.
So thankful the grandparents were willing to bring us so much stuff,
including salt that doesn't smell like nail polish remover.

After the worst set of travel delays ever, we were so happy they arrived safely.

One of the many things Grandma Sharla helped out with while she was here was giving
all the boys haircuts.

New clothes!
Shirts Grandma Sharla made and thrift store finds from Aunt Kathy.

Abigail especially loves all of the princess dresses

Oh the things that happen while we have guests.
Here a watermelon literally just exploded all over the cabinet and floor.
We also had plumbing problems that are not worth picturing.

Grandma and Grandpa gave this net that can turn any table into a ping pong table
and paddles and balls to the kids.
Grandpa John spent a lot of time teaching them how to hit the ball back
and forth, but somehow we don't have any pictures of that.
Here Aaron and Andrew are trying to keep it on the table.


All the playing

Trying to pack a year's worth of playing into 15 days

Reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We had a Chocolate Factory Party

I made fudge mallow bars, like Charlie's winning chocolate bar in the book

Invention room game,
where each kid had to figure out what to make with
marshmallows, toothpicks, and straws

Golden ticket treasure hunt

Grandma Sharla and the boys made a huge Chocolate Factory board game
that we all played.
After that we watched the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie.

So this was a cute thing the kids came up with all on their own.
This was the comity to cuteify the cuteification.
They were trying to convince the higher-ups to allow this action to pass. 

So funny,
There was high level corruption that had to be addressed and
under cover infiltration of important groups that had
to be accomplished before the motion passed.
Our kids are so funny.

KFC and shopping fun

There was more flags up this year for October 1st than we've ever seen before.

Our Walmart is underground 1 level

You can buy live crabs there

And jellyfish

And something we actually bought was red carrots
Grandma and Grandpa played tons of games,
including Forbidden Jungle that Aaron and Andrew made all by themselves.

So many things to love about this game; finding treasures,
figuring out how to move along the X and Y axes (aka axises),
helping villagers, but perhaps my favorite part is...
the whole team has to work together to finish the game before your visas expire.
Again our kids come up with super creative things.

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