Saturday, October 19, 2019

Grandparents Visit Part 5 (Stone Forest)

So first a little flashback fun to the first time we went to the Stone Forest...
8 years ago!

A little bit has changed since then,
although we can still pick up our big boys.

(The other two wouldn't get all the way out of this picture,
and when I showed them the old one
they kept saying, "Where was me? Where's Dander?" or "Where was I?")

Alright there is a proper family photo

Back in time to 2011 again.

I have to say the Stone Forest is easier without a baby tied on to you.

And probably our best whole family photo of the trip!

This is Aaron's "I'm Abigail's bodyguard look"
because the boys all decided bodyguards always where sunglasses.

Lots of climbing that day

Eating a picnic lunch

Climbing up to Alexander's favorite spot,
something he decided was like a turret in a castle.

Abigail did great at walking and hiking.
She often ran ahead of all of us, making us run faster.

Up high along the outer ring

Secret passage

Abigail's favorite thing

"These flowers make me very, very happy!"

Walking back.
We're all getting kind of tired by that point

Aaron really likes to climb

And scare Grandma

Whew, back to the electric tram.
Andrew wasn't sure he could do it for a while, but he did.

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