Sunday, October 13, 2019

Grandparent's Visit Part 4 (Alexander's LOTR Epic Birthday)

We had a lot of people here to get ready for Alexander's birthday the night before

Birthday breakfast

Dragon slaying


Aaron going crazy trying to break his with eyes closed
What has he gots in his pocketzes?  Game

Present Andrew made


Flying ball present from an Uncle and his family
AKA how to get your brothers to go fetch

More presents

So many presents I don't think we even got pictures of them all yet.

Treasure hunt

I made everyone capes,
it was kind of an early Christmas present for the kids.

We went to a local restaurant for birthday dinner.
Alexander had people travel across the world, country, and city to attend his birthday celebration.

What Alexander really wanted to eat for his birthday was this sort of
hash-brown dish that he calls potato pizza

Abigail likes it too

Alexander's chocolate mousse covered birthday cake

Did you know that the book says the battle at Weathertop
happened on October 6th?

Fiery candle

Trouble lighting candles and fiery cake and singing

First time we ever bought decent scoopable chocolate and vanilla ice cream at
a store for a birthday.

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